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Katie's first drafts take very little polishing, saving me time and energy. I HIGHLY recommend her and her work. She is professional, fast and an absolute pleasure to work with.  

- SARK, Best-Selling Author 

Succulent Wild Woman, Inspiration Sandwich, Living Juicy

SARK - Best-Selling Author


non-fiction writing

From Ghostwriting to Personal Essays, Katie gives clear voice to every assignment. The client's voice, the distinct voice of a brand or her own crisp perspective. Your tales, trials and tribulations are woven into emotive, informative stories with punch. Be it blog posts, books or video scripts, Katie finds the angle you need to grab your audience. 

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Katie brings her vast knowledge and 20 years of storytelling experience in the entertainment industry to your who's who interviews. From producers to writers, actors to directors or covering your assignment, she finds the feature story by diving deep into research to ask the right questions and put your subjects at ease.

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Katie calls herself a "micro-storyteller" because she distills your big ideas down and infuses them into your marketing and advertising. She's also a brand voice developer and helps share the WHY, not just the WHAT, behind the company's campaign. Naming and taglines are her specialty. And she's a master brainstormer.

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