I'm Katie

I find the story. Fast.

Inside your shoes 

I have a degree in storytelling (BA Drama, Minor Cinema Studies) and spent 20 years as an actor so I have an unfair advantage of stepping inside your brand or audience's shoes and writing flawlessly in their specific voice.  Mostly, I just love finding the golden thread of a person's story, one that they might not even see themselves, to bring the truth to light. It's like a puzzle. Add in some research, a deadline, and a word count, and I'm a happy camper. 

Some trivia about me:

 • I was Glenn Close's stand-in on The Shield

 • I am a big-time collaborator who digs brainstorming

 • Older, first-time mom to an only child

 • Infertility & miscarriage survivor

 • Top Strength = Awe (appreciation of beauty & excellence)

 • My husband is an ACE and Emmy Award-Winning Editor

I am an award-winning writer who finds people's stories and crafts them into articles, essays, and books. Whether it's a personal essay or reported story for publication, SEO-friendly long-form articles, or interviews expertly researched, I find the story. Fast. I am proud to be a Top Writer in Parenting on Medium under @katiegrantwriter. More creds here. When not writing, you can find me chasing my preschooler around, doing yoga, or baking - that is if she naps!

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